The following are frequently asked questions from clients about my process and how we will work together. They are the finer details but worth mentioning before starting work;

– How long does a project take?

4 weeks. I schedule each Logo project for approx. 4 weeks. Projects can go longer or shorter depending on the scale of the project e.g, lettering for a landing page can take as little as 2 weeks. The details of my timeline can be found in my process outline.

– How many clients do you take on at a time?

Normally 2/3, but sometimes 4/5 depending on the scope of a project. Sometimes my schedule is filled up and you may have to wait a couple of weeks until it clears up. I always respond via mail to those interested in working with me.

– How does payment work?

I use the 50/50 method when it comes to payment. Meaning; You pay 50% before the work starts, and 50% when the work is completed, paid before the final deliverables are sent.

– Do you work with everyone that fills out your questionnaire form?

Honestly, no. That’s what the form is for. To weed out those who are serious about their business as a professional, and those who are not. Wasting time is not on my agenda and I doubt it’s on yours.

– What if I have changes?

I allow for 1 change in the design. Simply accounting for human error.