A process is something every professional designer needs to have. It’s a set of guidelines followed from start to finish and is unique to each individual artist/designer depending on how they work and handle their clients. It sets expectations and allows the client to envision a timeline to what goes on behind the scenes, making the project seem less scary from an outside view.

– Initial Conversation & Agreement.

After answering the questionnaire on the contact form as thoroughly as you can, I will contact you regarding my availability to work and further details relating to the scope of the work you want completed; What the project is about. What are the goals? What does failure and success look like? Why you are coming to me specifically. Establishing trust and transparency is key to the relationship and getting off on the right foot. I’m not interested in ‘quick’ or ‘cheap’, I strive for excellence and quality in every piece I create for clients.


After these initial questions, I will identify what your problem is and how I am going to solve it to best suit your goals. I will then forward you the proposal/agreement. It details every aspect of the project. This is where the expectations are set, so you will know exactly what you are getting by the end of the project. After your goals are discussed, and you’re happy to proceed. Only then do we discuss payment details, the deliverables, the timeframe of the project and I will guide you through the signing of the form so we can start the project.


I do not charge an hourly rate. My price reflects the entire scope of the project and the value you receive from the project. This is why it’s important to clearly define the expectations and goals of your project from the beginning.


– Research & Ideas.

This is where the work begins, with researching your business, audience, competitor’s business and industry trends all in line with the goal of the project, based on our initial conversation. How best to execute your needs in a way your audience will appreciate. Compiling a bank of idea’s with moodboards and deciphering the best way to approach the artwork.


Idea generation is an iterative process and one that can take time to discover the best solution. Generating numerous ideas in various directions helps me reduce the possibilities and confidently decide on the right solution for the project.

– Concepting & Design.

Here, I begin sketching and experimenting with potential solutions to the problem through different styles and artwork. Various directions are considered, tested and will ultimately arrive at the best possible solution for the problem. A lot of time is spent sketching and refining a concept, seeing it to near completion. After gathering the info through the research and concepting, I deciding on the best solution to achieve the goal of the project.


Now it’s all about execution of the artwork. Next; I create the artwork that will be used in the final design. In this execution phase, a lot of time is spent carefully refining and perfecting the final design. Here, it’s tested in various formats and scenarios; legibility, scalability, web, print, devices etc., where I can refine the design until I’m happy with its completed state.


It’s worth noting that throughout this process, you will never be subjected to design decisions. I do not provide options for clients to decide between. This is what you hired me for. This is why you hire a professional designer in the first place. They use their knowledge, skills and experience to deliver the best possible product/service to you.

– Delivery & Presentation.

Roughly 4 weeks after the initial conversation, this is where the completed design will be presented to you on a private page, in case study form, with the objective design decisions explained, the approach I took with the project, and why it’s the best possible solution to your problem.


This transparency allows you to see my every move in the project, and why I made the decisions I did to objectively meet the goals set at the beginning of the project. The final payment will be made and the high-resolution deliverables will be sent to you to use and take your business/brand to the next level.

If you have any questions that about my process, feel free to reach out to me before filling out the questionnaire to hire me. I have compiled a number of commonly asked questions from clients about my process here in the FAQ section.