About Me - James Butterly

Hi, I’m James Butterly.

I’m a Handlettering Artist and Designer based in Dublin, Ireland. I have a passion for Lettering & Typography. I can create bespoke lettering logos, branding, packaging design, signage, products, identities, prints and a myriad of other visuals for you with my lettering and typographic style. Would you like to work together?

I write about various topics on creativity, productivity and professionalism in the design industry. The topics are aimed at young creatives out of school or college who are looking to take the next step in their freelance/professional career.

Business Cards

Letterpress business cards.

What can I make for you?
Anything that involves letters or reading. Everybody’s gotta read, right? Working together, we can make stand-out lettering logos for your business, window writing, food packaging, signage for restaurants, bespoke fashion labels, greetings cards, personalised wedding invitations, identity branding for businesses including letterheads, business cards, postcards etc. I take commissions for custom lettering prints and tattoos, or if you want custom lettering for your social media campaigns or posts. Let’s solve the problem together.

What is Handlettering?
Handlettering is the art of drawing letters. Unlike calligraphy, which is art of writing letters, and Typography, which is the study of letters. Handlettering can take time, experimenting with shapes, forms and styles of letters. It’s the drawing of the anatomy of a letter. It’s width, height, the bowl, terminal, ears, brackets, stem, et al. With Handlettering, you’re literally drawing the shape of a letter. The art allows for beautifully handcrafted, custom-made, unique letters with a human touch.

While my degree is in Creative Multimedia; studying animation, audio production, photography, web design, programming etc. My passion lies in Handlettering & Typography. In my day job, I’m a Graphic Designer in the Irish Independent (national newspaper). I create print layouts and mockups for newspaper adverts, designs for client campaigns, and print & web advertisements. My day job ranges from creating politically charged / provocative print ads one day, to designing a ‘snakes and ladders’ cutout for kids. I use the day job as my foundation, it pays the bills while I focus on building my own brand, ‘James Butterly Design’ and carving out a name for myself with regards industry presence and working with clients.

In the first 8 months of starting ‘James Butterly Design’ brand in 2013, I have written nearly 50,000 words in blog posts alone. I write about topics relating to creativity, professionalism and productivity within the design/freelance industry. Writing is the most important aspect to my own productivity. I plan on continuing to write about topics in the industry relating to pricing, business, expectations, client relationships and many more. It all starts with writing.

Toptal partnership – In Feb 2017 I partnered with Toptal. Toptal is a platform that hosts the most elite freelance creatives available to hire. Like my own blog topics, Toptal aim to help fellow creatives in understanding their respective industries and how to become the best creative professional you can be. Toptal feature the best productivity insights and practices from top industry talent. I will still be writing original content on my blog, marked with a hashtag (#) before each post. The goal of the partnership is to deliver the more great, original content that helps freelancers and creatives in their career.

I want to help people, mainly young creatives and freelancers, to realise their creative potential through writing about productivity and professionalism. The topics can be extrapolated and applied to anybody in any industry relating to productivity, bettering your workflow, mindset and process. I borrow from my own personal experiences in the industry, in both the day job and in my passion, to write about universal problems that creatives and artists face. Offering an alternative view, the professional view, to what’s perceived as ‘the norm’ in the industry.

My mindset is one of utmost professionalism. I love helping others. Get in touch and we can work on something cool together.