We all struggle with the thought of competitors in our respective field. In terms of design, the fear that there is only so many clients to go around. That there is always another designer lurking in the shadows just ready to undercut your price. They are the ones getting the jobs, getting the exposure, growing their services and becoming a success in the field, all the while you are left in the dust twiddling your thumbs.

But this isn’t really the case. There is no one clipping at your heels waiting for you to trip up so they can have a shot at the glory.

In reality, if there is no competition, people wouldn’t value your service because there is nothing to compare it to.

Competition in a field is a form of validation that there is a market for the product or service. What you should fear, is pursuing a field where there is no competition. Now that’s not always the case, but it’s a tried and tested indicator that there is a demand for a particular product or service.

It’s an opportunity to display the unique qualities on offer from your own service, to show what you offer is valuable.

Competition is a mindset, it’s about how you view the other professionals that work in your industry. You can choose to view them as detracting from potential profit and exposure. Or you can view them as a potential for networking and an opportunity for collaboration.

Being in the design industry, I can say the latter is more beneficial to your brand, client base, exposure, and the quality of your service.

Business gets passed around. Get to know people in your field, become friends and network with others in your industry. You will begin to find that your contacts list will grow substantially the more you adopt this mentality. Someone in your network will have a contact that will one day be invaluable to your brand and open the door to a new opportunity that you never had before.

There is an abundance of work. The benefits of networking with your competition far outweigh a ‘hermit crab’ mentality in your industry.

You have something unique to offer. You can do something that no one else can. This is the importance of finding your niche in the market. The work you choose to broadcast will display your own unique value.

  • Network with other professionals in your field.
  • There’s always going to be clients.
  • Convey the unique value you offer to attract future clients.

Ask yourself, would you hire you?