Fáilte Handlettering artwork


Fáilte – Handlettering Piece. I wanted to create something that would emphasis a high level of symmetry through the artwork. Everything between the spacing would be equidistant. This is evident through the shaping of the stem. The stem for each letter is the exact angle, distance and thickness as the one before it.

This piece was to be made into stickers. With this in mind, the kerning and overall weight of the piece has to feel natural. With no ‘bulk’ on any area. This was trickiest with the ‘F’. where the transition of the ‘fada’ above the ‘a’ was broken up to split the ‘á’ and ‘F’ to reduce the possibility of the ‘F’ being too heavy on the left side of the artwork.

Below is the time-lapse video of the creation process, along with other process shots for the piece.

Song: Sango – Owe Me (Taku Remix)


IMG_1356 IMG_1358