The final lettering logo for a hardware company.

‘Anvil Tools’

The aim of the project was to create a hybrid mix between traditional type and lettering. This is where the idea formulated to combine a strong sans-serif typeface in ‘Anvil’, something that represented a strong and sturdy aesthetic. Complimented with the serif-style brackets on the feet and on top of the stems of letters in ‘Anvil’.

‘Tools’ was created to fluidly combine a handmade element with the traditional strong values upheld by a hardware company, where each tool is personable to each user.

The textured, gravelly wall background adds a rugged, worn-in effect to the logo.

The small details are what make this design work so well, so I would suggest clicking the image to see a close-up version to admire the smallest nuances with the design.

Below, the branding mockup for the business with letterheads and business cards.


Song: Maxzwell – Log