The Artwork for my 2nd article, titled; How I Learned To Steal.

Its can be found in the ‘Blog’ section of the site, here.

Elements to be considered for the design were a striking eye catching middle element which I like to use in my badge / crest designs. Something that related to the article. Everything from the typography in the banner, a semi script typeface to fit with the nautical / pirate themed crest.

The strong, shadowed slab serif under the centre. With thin strokes either side to balance the weight of the design. The lightning to the sides of the central image further add weight  to balance the overall coherency, while also resonating to the content and alarming tone set by the title. The background image also chosen with the theme of the crest.

Consider all of the elements of the design as the tie into the full cohesion is key to a overall design and process.